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We strive to improve the world not only by making people happy through sport. Have a look at our values and hopefully get inspired by them, even if just a little bit :)


At FlexiLiga, our goal is to make people happy through sport.

We would also like the League to be more about joy than competition. Whether it's a friendly match or joy from movement.

And when I rejoice, I'm glad to help others feel the same.

We think that the meaning of human life is to enjoy being here on Earth. To experience joy as often as you can.

In addition, we are trying to organize our work so that we can enjoy it as much as we can. And we're quite successful at that, because we have freedom at work :)

We recommend a book

If we should recommend one book :

Delivering Happiness : A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose


It is very important to listen to your body and help it regenerate, and sometimes even go for a massage. If something hurts, I do not exercise.

Healthy food and diet can greatly help in reducing injuries.

Many ailments are caused by stress. An ingenious tool to counter this is meditation; you regenerate twice as much as during the sleep. Some members of our team are meditating and can highly recommend it.

Tom, the founder of the league, has been engaged in sports his entire life and has decided to devote more attention to the spreading of a new perspective on sport. He calls this approach conscious sport.

We are sorry about the occasional injuries that result either from bad warm-up and lack of post-activity stretching, or from a poor lifestyle.

We also highly recommend compensatory exercises, especially yoga, which also strengthens and stretches the body.

We would like FlexiLiga to improve the health of people, not to deplete it. We are delighted that you are moving regularly and keeping yourself healthy with us.

We recommend the site

If we should recommend 2 websites :

www.tore.cz - Tom's website about Conscious Sport and Fitcoaching

www.vedskecentrum.cz - Practical meditation that provides energy 2 times more efficiently than sleep and increases the utilization capacity of  your brain 

Freedom at work

How do we think that you know you're doing the right job? You enjoy it and it brings a contribution to the world.

Freedom at work is, in our opinion, a style where one works the way he wants, because he feels it's the right way.

At FlexiLiga, everybody works from home, in a cafe or even on the road.

Our pay depends on our results. On how the city and headquarters are doing.

We work at times that suit us and we set our priorities ourselves. Nobody is checking us too much.

Are you working freely? If not, try to stand on your own feet or influence the business you work for to make it freer.

We recommend the site

We recommend a book

If we should recommend one book :

Maverick! : The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace.


We think the whole world economy is a little unhealthy. It borrows resources that don't belong to it. It returns much less than it borrowed and in much worse condition.

Our team is trying to live as ecologically as possible both at home and at work.

We reduce, recycle and sort waste. We buy fewer things and when we do, it is with minimum packaging.

We try to conserve water, reduce emissions, we travel as much as possible via public transportation, by bike or by foot.

We restrict the use of chemicals and when we do use them, we choose environmentally friendly products without antibacterial agents.

We try not to waste food and not to overeat.

We print leaflets and posters out of recycled paper.

If each of us brings a small change to this world, eventually, the impact will be big. We can not wait for the government to resolve everything.

We recommend the site

If we should recommend 1 website :

www.peacewiththewild.co.uk - smart products that save the nature and bring us peace of mind

We recommend a book

If we should recommend one book :

The Responsible Company - alpinist and surfer, Patagonia company owner combines profit and responsibility


When we're doing well, we think it's good to help those in need.

FlexiLiga contributes to variuos charities every year. We have donated over GBP 6,000  so far.

Some team members contribute personally, not just as a part of a company.

Are you helping financially or physically?

Think of where you can help. Whether in person or through the company you work for.

Just 5% of your monthly salary will make the world a better place, 10% would bring even greater impact.

You can also donate used items to the Sue Ryder shop, dispose of used clothes into a textile container, help an orphanage or a home for the elderly.

We recommend the site

Education with respect

Still relevant for the FlexiLiga team and its players :)

The world will be shaped by our children.

The child is, in our opinion, a creature with its own will that is no less important than that of the parent.

The desires and the imagination of children and parents don't have to be the same.

Even conception, pregnancy and childbirth can be conscious, not just the upbringing.

Parents influence their children by who they are rather than what they do.

We parents are here to introduce the child to this strange world.

We recommend the site

We recommend a book

If we should recommend one book :

Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves - the author is incredible with her attitude and sense of humor

Tomáš Reinbergr

Tom's Credo - the founder of FlexiLiga :

Read, meditate, act. Reading gives you know-how, meditation generously develops your brain and your abilities, and by action you put all that to use.

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