We are a unique and user-friendly amateur league.Every month we'll provide you with 4 well-balanced matches.

The new season is about to take off! The best time to start playing is at the beginning of the season. Choose your city and sport and let's do it together!

1 of registered players until the end of registrations.

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Tenis stołowy

Tenis stołowy

  • Ranking
    Ranking that motivates
  • Regular sports
    A smart system that will make you grow 
  • Agreements system
    Fix-dates system that works
  • Parties, events and winnings
    Camps, events and prizes  you will like
  • 80 sportcenter
    Court booking discounts in the whole town 
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction
    Guarantee of Satisfaction If you do not play a well-balanced match, we will give you your money back

How FlexiLiga works

You choose the sport and city you want to play in.
We will place you right at your level.
At the beginning of each month, we will deliver you 4 equal opponents.
You will schedule the matches with your opponents - you choose the time and place that suits you. You pay the court rent but get a better price.
You enter the results on our user-friendly web site.
The next month you will move among stronger opponents or weeker ones.

Payment methods

Platební metody

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